About Us

It’s here! Finally a unique community built all around your love for Breyer horses and everything else horse related.

Are you tired of paying outrageous fees for selling and buying your beloved Breyer models? Use our auction site to find loving homes for your models or to add to your herd and save over 50% in fees! Just want to sell your horses outright? Use our classified section which makes buying and selling a breeze. Do you have a model you want to swap or trade? Then ride on over to our Trading Post and hook up with other traders.

Want to just chat about your herd? You can do that here. It’s like a Breyer Facebook! Post chats and pictures, share stories, get connected with others who share your passion for Breyer horses, create new friendships and build lasting relationships.

Your possibilities are endless! We share one heart here, so go crazy Breyer lovers and happy horsin’ around!

For more information visit www.breyer.co or email us at mybreyerheart@gmail.com