Breyer Model Horse

     Model horse showers use many acronyms and terminology that sometimes may be intimidating.  I am going to share a few with you in hopes of removing some of that fear.  The first thing you should know if you are interested in showing your breyer model horse is NAMHSA, which stands for North American Model Horse Shows Association.   This is the governing body behind NAN that consists of a large group of model horse show hosts, participants and hobbyists.

     NAN stands for North American Nationals, which is the model horse hobby’s national championship event for showers in the USA, Canada and Mexico.  A model can enter NAN after it has placed either 1st or 2nd in its class at a local NAN-qualified show.  Once this happens, a NAN card is awarded to the model and it is now officially considered NANed and can now be entered in any NAN shows for the next four years.

      Now that you have a slightly better understanding of the show terms, let’s go over the ones that describe the models themselves.  You may have experienced someone asking you if a model is LSQ, especially if you are a seller.  This question may have confused you as you stalled to answer and quickly did a Google search for the term!  With model horse showers, you will hear a few terms over and over again.

     LSQ stands for Live Show Quality.  This is a model that is factory mint or near mint with no rubs, breaks, scratches or paint flaws of any kind.  These models are shown live and must be in perfect condition since the judges can view them from all angles. 

      PSQ is Photo Show Quality and these models only require that one side be free of flaws since it is only viewed from one side.  A PSQ model can have rubs and scratches on one side, but these will not affect the judges since they can only see the good side!  A model is considered LSP or Live Show Placed/Proven when it is consistently in the ribbons at the model horse shows.

Breyer Model Horse

     A few other terms to be familiar with are OF or Original Finish and OOAK, also known as One of a Kind.

     Now you know some of the lingo used in model horse showing and when a buyer asks you if a model is LSQ, you’ll know how to respond!  Who knows, perhaps a little knowledge will inspire you to enter your first model horse show.  Good luck and happy trails!