Breyerfest 2023 Surprise Model Exclusive and Special Runs

Breyerfest 2023 Exclusive Models, Surprise Model and Special Runs. Watch the video below to learn all about the special horses and models coming to BF23!

Exclusive Models | Surprise Model | BreyerFest 2023 Special Runs

Bravour 54

Bravour 54 selected as Celebration Horse for Breyerfest 2023

The perfect combination of intelligence, beauty and fire make this year’s Celebration Horse, Bravour 54, the perfect representative for Driving Forward. He is a true leader in the driving horse arena and I believe he will be amazing to watch at Breyerfest 2023!

Bravour 54 Celebration Horse Breyerfest 2023
Breyerfest 2023 Celebration Horse Bravoiur 54

Four-in-Hand Event Stablemates Models

One randomly selected Four-in-Hand Event Stablemates model included with each General Admission and Online Stablemates Access ticket. A full Four-in-Hand set included with all VIP tickets.

Special Run Models

Check these beauties out! All VIP, All Access and Online ticket holders will be able to purchase one or two of these with each ticket they have. It’s hard to decide which ones to get!