Breyer Horses 75% Cheaper than eBay.

Co-lab-o-ra-tion noun

  1. The action of working with someone to produce or create something.

Well, you might be wondering what are we going to create? We love coming up with unique and different ways to enhance our hobby/business of collecting model horses. The creative juices have been flowing lately here at! We just rolled out the Affiliate program where you can earn off of everything in the store through your referrals. We are constantly thinking of ways to put more money into your pocket and that brings us to our next big solution – Collaboration!

This is a game changer in the model horse industry and it’s going to fit hand in hand with our auction, classified and Trading Post sites. This Ebay alternative will put the money in your pocket when you sell, buy and trade your beloved models.

How can collaboration help you save money? I am glad you asked! Through collaboration you are now invited to list your model horse collection or just a few of your herd members with us. Now collectors can reach potential buyers and other sellers through our network and community, which opens you up to increased sales and more money, but that’s not all! As a collaborator with us, you don’t need to create your own model horse online store, website platform, dedicated hosting, advertising, marketing, create traffic, run ads, create a shopping cart and so much more. Are you beginning to see how this is a money saving, horse-selling and buying opportunity for you, the collector?

It’s a very simple process where we simply assign a login to each seller and they will have access to list their model horses in our store and start selling. It will be like your very own private store, eBay auction, classified and trading site without the expenses. That’s exciting, don’t you think? Also, it means you get to keep your collection in your possession. That gives you full control and peace of mind that nothing is going to happen to your herd. Once your item sells, you will ship and supply a tracking number to your buyer and then withdraw your money to be used in any way you see fit. You can sell an entire collection or one at a time. The choice is yours. No limits!

For more information you can contact our Collaboration department directly by filling in the form clicking here.

Collaboration Sell Your Breyer Horses to Potential Model Horse Collectors
Collaboration : list your model horses in our store and reach thousands of potential Model Horse Collectors

High fees of selling on eBay leaves collectors screaming for a new horse in town!

We are that horse! Our other services include our live Breyer horse auction that is over 50% cheaper than eBay’s model horse auction. eBay charges an incredible amount that takes such a big part of each sale, leaving us collectors earning less money and sometimes even losing money with their average fee of 15% + taxes and hidden charges, as well as reserve fees for auction listings and more. Breyer Auction is only charging a flat 5% fee and there are no hidden charges. We built this platform to help model horse collectors keep their profits in their pockets. It’s really that simple and you will love our auction site and how easy it is to list your models. Feel free to help us build this community by sharing it with all your friends and don’t forget to give them your affiliate link!

Breyer Auction is a very economical alternative for eBay Model Horse collectors

Trading Post

Collectors can check out the Trading Post if they want to simply trade models with other collectors. There is no exchange of money here or any fees. Browse to your heart’s content and trade as many horses as you would like.