Merlin Dragon Horse Model by Breyer 2005 is the topic that we will discuss in this article


In the enchanting world of Breyer model horses, certain gems shine brighter than others, capturing the hearts of collectors and enthusiasts alike. Among these prized possessions is the elusiveĀ  Model #711205, fondly known as Merlin Dragon Horse. Produced in 2005 as a raffle horse, Merlin is a majestic embodiment of rarity and beauty, with only 26 ever created. In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the mesmerizing allure of Merlin, from his distinctive design features to his elusive presence in the collector’s market.

Design Features:

Merlin emerges from the depths of fantasy with a striking presence that commands attention. His coat, a mesmerizing blend of blue and purple hues, evokes the mysterious allure of midnight skies tinged with magic. This captivating color palette sets him apart from his counterparts, casting an enchanting spell on all who behold him.

However, Merlin’s allure extends beyond his mesmerizing coat, as he embodies the fusion of two mythical creatures: the dragon and the horse. This unique concept is masterfully realized through the American Saddlebred stallion mold, which lends its graceful contours to the majestic form of Merlin. With wings unfurled and mane billowing like flames, Merlin exudes a sense of otherworldly power and grace.

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The intricate details adorning Merlin further enhance his mystical aura. From the delicate scales that shimmer across his body to the intricate patterns etched into his wings, every aspect of Merlin’s design speaks to the craftsmanship and artistry of Breyer’s skilled artisans. Each stroke of the brush and every sculpted curve is a testament to the dedication and passion poured into bringing this legendary creature to life.

Rarity and Value:

One cannot discuss Merlin without acknowledging his rarity and value within the collector’s market. With only 26 ever produced, Merlin stands as a true rarity among Breyer model horses, coveted by collectors around the world. The limited production run ensures that Merlin remains a prized possession for those fortunate enough to add him to their collection.

The scarcity of Merlin has led to a remarkable appreciation in value, with reports of resellers commanding prices upwards of $19,000 for this elusive treasure. Such a price tag reflects not only Merlin’s rarity but also the fervent demand among collectors eager to secure this elusive gem for their own collections.

However, the journey to acquire Merlin is not without its challenges, as his limited availability makes him a rare find indeed. Despite the efforts of dedicated collectors and enthusiasts, sightings of Merlin in the secondary market are few and far between, adding to his mystique and desirability.


In the realm of Breyer model horses, Merlin stands as a beacon of rarity and beauty, captivating the hearts of collectors with his enchanting presence. From his mesmerizing design features to his scarcity in the collector’s market, Merlin embodies the magic and allure that defines the world of Breyer collecting. As one of only 26 ever produced, Merlin remains a coveted treasure sought after by collectors around the world, a testament to his enduring appeal and timeless charm.