This year’s Special Runs are galloping their way into your local Tractor Supply Company just in time for this holiday season. Breyer has released three models exclusive to TSC and they are stunning!

First up is Hakan, a flashy buckskin appaloosa race horse featured on the Smarty Jones mold. Although most race horses are thoroughbreds, the Appaloosa Horse Club holds races just for this spotted breed.

Second in line is a light bay minimal tobiano pinto named Stella. This sweet gal is featured on the Bluegrass Bandit mold, exhibiting the smooth running walk that Tennessee Walkers are known for! Check out her coronet bands.

Breezing in at 3rd is a feathery fellow named Sampson, featured on the Gypsy Vanner mold in a gorgeous soft buttermilk dun color, which is a diluted color gene in the breed. Gypsy Vanners are bred to be great carriage horses and family companions.

All three of these Special 2019 Runs are making their way into your local Tractor Supply Company this holiday season. Check stores for availability.