If you are a model horse collector then chances are you will need to identify your model at some point in time. It could be that you are out at a flea market, antique store or even a local garage sale and you come across a horse you want to identify before deciding to buy. You may be an avid collector, but your models have been in storage and you come across a horse you can’t remember how you got or which model it is (don’t laugh, this happens very often)!

Maybe you want to look up a model that you recall was at a particular Breyerfest, but you can’t remember the model’s name and you want to just look up all the models from that Breyerfest year. On another note, you could be ready to sell off some of your herd and looking up each model will save you time by providing you with information you just don’t have and you cannot remember like the model name, mold name, the Breyer ID number, how many were produced and in which year so you can write your ad.

These are just a few of the reasons why a collector may want to find a reliable source for identifying their Breyer horses. Lucky for us, there are several reliable places to look for the information we seek.

One place is the Breyer Animal Collector’s Guide, Fifth Edition. Here you will find many models up to the year 2007, when it was published. The values listed in the book are good through the year 2008. I hear you saying, but that was 11 years ago, where do I go for all the models made since then?

Well, I have the answer! I have found a fantastic online source for identifying all of your horses from the beginning to the current times. This website is called, “Identifyyourbreyer,com.” It is simple to use and breaks down all of the models into categories and there is a search button if you don’t see a category you are looking for. The information provided on this site is very informative and pictures are provided if they are available. It also shows the variations on models, such as leg or facial markings.

So, if you need a quick go to source for identifying your Breyer model, just hop on the link above and chances are you will find your answer. Happy hunting!