So, what does make a model horse a Breyer model horse? No, it’s not the name on the box or the stamp on the inside of your model’s leg. That’s only part of what makes a Breyer model.

Breyer is one of the oldest makers of model horses and when you look at one of their creations it is obvious the work that has gone into making that model from its realistic features and details that sometimes make you look twice just to be sure it isn’t breathing! However, what makes your Breyer model such a unique treasure is what goes into it!

Breyer artisans begin by looking at the real subjects they want to recreate. They study each and every detail of their live subject being careful to study the shading of the horse’s coat, its muscle structure, stance, mane and tail details and even the mapping and mottling of its skin. They take care not to miss a single feature from the tip of the ears down to the bottom of the hoof.

Sculpting Prototype

From there, prototypes are made so that the idea can be seen before being sent to the manufacturer to be produced in mass. These are usually called test run models and they can be done in various poses and colors to see what looks best and most realistic based on the live horse they are working to recreate.

Sanded and Primed Model

Once a prototype is accepted, the model goes into production where it is made with injection molding using plastic. Next, each horse is sanded, primed and painted by hand to exact specifications. This is a time consuming process done with painstaking precision and a whole lot of love!


Since each Breyer horse is painted by hand, no two are ever exactly alike! How great is that? This is what makes your model so unique. In actuality, it is one of a kind, although the artists try their best to make the same model look like the rest of the run. Such a skill level is found only in the oldest model horse company known as Breyer.

Next time you look at your collection of Breyer horses, think about the artist who held your horse in his or her hand and paid attention to details, applied a loving paint job, put on the finishing touches, packaged and boxed your model carefully to be shipped to you. Think of everything that makes your model completely unique because in reality, they may look alike, but no two models are exactly the same. I find that, simply amazing!