Breyer has surprised us with a unique decorator model for Breyerfest 2020’s Celtic Fling theme. Meet Greenman done in a very Celtic Irish spring green color using a splattered technique. He is done in a Freedom Series scale (formerly known as the Classic Series) on mold #668, the Walking Draft Horse, originally done by Melanie Miller.

He features the horned Greenman on his barrel, a tribute to the Celtic god, Cerrunos, with a face made of luscious oak leaves surrounded by flitting gold fairies. The Greenman symbolizes rebirth as spring is the time of the year when new birth takes place.

This model is sure to be a hit with many Beyer enthusiasts, especially whose who love decorators or the color green! Be sure to keep an eye out for him when he “pops” up in one of the virtual Celtic Fling stores during Breyerfest, July 10-12.