If you are beyond just collecting horses for the sake of collecting and you have a desire to own a collection of Breyer Model horses that will maintain or increase their value, I have some tips I have learned through my years of collecting that will help you.

When I first started collecting, I paid not attention to the models I was buying. I was just purchasing models with no real attention to whether they would become an asset or a liability.

All this changed when I attended my first Breyerfest in 2008. It was then that my eyes were opened to the serious sport of collecting Breyer horses. My financial senses kicked in with the Celebration Horse for that year, Alborozo. Breyer had stated that this model was only for 3 day ticket holders and that the mold would be broken after that event. This interested me because I thought how desirable the model would be. I had to have him. Several of him! Then I learned I could get him signed by his owner/trainer. Surely, I thought to to myself that that would increase his worth even more. All of this was true!

Alborozo & Ari Cohen 2008 Breyerfest

I started to think about my collecting habits differently from this point on. I thought with a mindset that perhaps some day I would sell my collection and be able to pay for my daughter’s college tuition. With this in my mind, I started to pay attention to what made a model maintain its value or double, triple, even one hundred-fold it (Raffle Models or runs of 50 or less).

Through just paying attention to what people were looking for, I have managed to build a collection that can do exactly what I originally thought, pay my daughter’s college tuition.

I always thought that my vintage models and the ones that were the oldest would have the most value, but I have learned that they only fetch $20 to $50 still. They have no real appreciation.

Here’s a list of tips to keep in mind if you want to build a collection that appreciates in value:

  1. Collect models in which the mold will be broken because this limits supply and the demand is usually high.
  2. Get your models signed (on the belly is best) by the owners, riders and trainers if you can.
  3. Collect the weird, unusual, fantasy colors. These include Wedgewood, Copenhagen, Gold Florentine, Gold, Silver Filigree, Green, Red, etc. Even if you think it’s ugly, get it! These are highly sought after by collectors.
  4. Glossy models are always more valuable than matte.
  5. Pay attention to the Special Runs, Limited Editions, Web Specials, JAH Runs, Collector Clubs, Raffles, Tent Specials, Brick and Mortar Models, Breyerfest Special Ticket Models, Breyerfest Single Day Ticket Models, Test Run Models, Treasure Hunt Models, Spring and Fall Special Runs, Halloween Models, Christmas Models, other holiday models, Models for a Cause (Cancer, Autism, etc), OOAK (One of a Kind) Custom Models.
  6. Keep them in their original packaging with their COAs (Certificates of Authenticity), Hang tags, Collector’s Cards and anything else that may have come with the model.
  7. If you have Special Runs from Breyerfest, try to have a program, pin, magnet, the ticket stub to get the horse, the special run ticket, collector’s bag and anything extra you can put with the horse from Breyerfest. Extras always help (see photo below).

Hope this helps you build a more valuable and treasured collection!