Let’s meet Snowbird, the Christmas Breyer Horse 2022. He is one of most beautiful Breyer models of the year! As we draw closer to the holidays, many of the Christmas horses are now being revealed and becoming available for purchase.


This is Snowbird. He’s a beautiful matte gray with gorgeous royal blue, gold and silver tack adorned with crystals that sparkle like ice and a beautiful plume feather on top of his head. He really fits the Christmas theme and I love that he’s done on the new Morgan mold. It’s a very flowing mold with a lot of motion to it. As you look upon him, you feel the hush of a quiet, wintry night. He’s so magical that you can just imagine his hooves crunching the snow beneath him as he glides over the snowy terrain. All is calm and all is bright as Songbird takes center stage as this year’s Breyer Christmas Horse for 2022.

Snowbird Christmas Horse 2022

This is a Traditional size model and one thing to note is that they have been having some issues with the harness and the decorations on the horse coming unglued during shipping. This is an easy fix. I received my Snowbird with an unattached piece and I’m just going to simply re-glue it. That’s all, no big deal and nothing to get upset about.

Snowbird Christmas 2022’s Traditional Breyer Horse

One thing to note about this horse in particular is, and maybe they’ve done it on the other Christmas horses and I haven’t noticed it before, that there is a piece of plastic between the actual harness and the horse. This is a great feature to have because if you leave your horses together in boxes and they have the harnesses and their tack on them, sometimes the coloring will transfer to the paint on the horse. If this happens, it can decrease the value of your model. Now, you don’t have to remove all the the tack from your horses and store it separately from the horse just to protect its paint job. I’m also glad to see that they’ve even added paper in between the horse and the harness here so that’s an extra bonus right there to protect the paint job from picking up the blue color of the tack that is on this model.

Well, there you have it, your first look at Snowbird coming to you from Breyer for Christmas 2022. Merry Christmas to all!