It seems these days there is always a club, group or event to join and when it comes to collecting model horses, there are plenty to become a member with. Let’s take a brief look at the ones you can join as a Breyer Model Horse Collector.

We will start at the beginning. There are five clubs to join with Breyer. The first is called the Breyer Collector Club and it’s where everyone needs to start before you can join any of the other exclusive clubs. The cost is $25 per year and it gives you the ability to participate in the Breyer Collector Club Special Run models plus a 10% discount on all regular purchases for the year. As a member you will also receive a downloadable Just About Horses (JAH) annual magazine, a Collector Club Member Card and a Calendar full of discounts, pictures and events. Club members also have their own tent at Breyerfest to relax and cool off in.

The newest club is the Fairytale Friends Club designed for unicorn lovers. It is a great club for beginners. A deposit of $30 is required and six sets of two horses (a Stablemate and a mini) will be sent out each year for a cost of $25 each ($5 will be credited from the $30 deposit for each set).

The Stablemates Club is also good for those who are on a tight budget or just getting started. It consists of six releases per year, a $30 deposit is required to join then each model costs $20 with $5 of the initial deposit being credited off the price. The models come in a nicely done yellow collector’s box and it’s a great way to own a piece of high quality artistry.

Next is for the more serious collector who loves the vintage models. The deposit is $100 and only 500 members are permitted each year. Four unique releases are done each year at a cost of $135 per model with $25 from the initial deposit being credited to each one. They feature the blue ribbon and come in a vintage collector’s box. You will also receive a special Stablemate model each year.

Finally, my favorite, the Premier Collector’s Club designed for Breyer connoisseurs who want the first release of every new model Breyer brings out. These models are of the highest quality and detail available. There are three releases per year plus a new Stablemate model as a bonus. Connoisseur models are packaged in beautiful colored boxes, suede drawstring bags and come with a COA. This is for the serious collector and requires a $100 deposit, each model is $175 with $33.34 being credited from the deposit on each model. It is limited to 500 members and you are assigned a collector number which will appear on the hoof of your model.

Get involved and choose one, two or more clubs as fits your collecting style and budget. There’s a club for everybody here and the benefits are many. Happy collecting!