A special treat this year at Breyerfest will be a tribute to our military horse heroes. Horse heroes from the past to the present will be honored and two of these heroes will be on site for you to visit with. Their names are Achilles and Klinger. They will be participating in the Civil War Reenactment at Celebration Park. You can also learn about Sgt. Reckless by visiting the booth in the Covered Arena with Robin Hutton who will be glad to answer all of your questions.

Also featured this year for the first time and all the way from their home in Ottawa, Ontario Canada will be the RCMP Musical Ride and their Hanoverian horses. These riders and their horses will be performing the opening act in the evening show, Celebration of Horses, by doing a military drill.

The producer of Celebration of Horses, Sylvia Zerbini, will be performing her liberty act with this year’s Breyer store special model, Rico. He is featured on the Silver mold. Performances will take place both Friday and Saturday evenings.

Another super hero attending the festival will be Tomas Garcilazo and his horse “Latigo Dun It,” (aka “Hollywood”), who is also a Breyer portrait model. Tomas and Hollywood are trick roping superstars.

King – one of the Trixie Chicks’ Horses

The Trixie Chicks and their amazing mounts will be performing death defying, fast-paced stunts in the Covered Arena and in the evening show.

Last, but not least, will be Oliver, KHP’s very own police horse. He is the Celebration Horse for this year’s Breyerfest. Oliver is an 11 year old Shire cross with a flashy black and white coat. He is the partner of Captain Lisa Rakes and together they stand out wherever they go!

Don’t miss this year’s tribute to some of our amazing horse heroes on July 12-14th at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY.