When you hear these words, “Something old. Something new. Something borrowed and something blue,” what comes to mind? Of course, a wedding! However, this is not just any wedding. This is the wedding of Peter and Elaine Stone, as in Peter Stone Model Horses.

The date is May 27, 2000 in the town of Upper Montclair, New Jersey. The place is St. Cassain Church and the time is a bright and early 9 am! Horse people are always up at the crack of dawn, haha! To commemorate this happy event, the couple chose to create a very special model horse to represent “something blue.”

The “Wedding Horse” was produced on the Ideal Stock Horse mold. He features a very pale blue coat with silver dappling over his hind quarters. His muzzle and ears are done in a soft ivory/pink color and his mane and tail in a creamy white. The subtle pearling with a soft satin finish produce a mesmerizing glow that is truly breathtaking! To finish him up, he is signed on the belly by Peter and Elaine Stone along with the date, May 27, 2000.

There is also one test piece that was produced. It features pale ivory ears, muzzle and hooves and the coat is a paler blue than the ones in the production run. Also, the coat is more of an appy finish with white splashes and spots all over the body. On his belly are the words, “Test – Wedding Horse” and Elaine Stone’s signature.

One model was given to each family, couple or individual present at the ceremony, making this a very limited run and one of the most collectible models ever produced. Also included with the gift was an original wedding invitation and program.

The Wedding Horse is a great piece for any serious collector to add to their collection. If you own one of these models, you have a very rare and truly special horse in your herd!