An interesting article about real-life unicorns caught on tape as well as a great theory as to why unicorns don’t exist in this World.

Hello Fellow Unicorn Lovers!

I am sure that you all have heard of the mythical creature known as the unicorn and curious to hear how unicorns came to be extinct from this world. According to some studies it’s just an animal tale which has no existence in the real world, however, others say that the unicorn truly exists. So, what is the truth? In this blog we will show you some animals who resemble the unicorn plus share a very interesting and funny myth that some researchers refer to as….

Noah’s mistake!

In the end, we will leave the final verdict up to you to decide if unicorns are real or not.

Narration by Stacey Roi, the author of this Blog and the Platform bringing this story to you is

In the 1980’s, a California newspaper shocked the whole world when they published some photos of a family who possessed their very own unicorn….

For the rest of the story watch the complete documentary below:

Some real unicorns caught on tape and a funny story about how unicorns ceased to exist.