Wow! Have you seen the new winter decorator web special for Breyer Horses? This one is incredible and I truly hope I get chosen as a lucky recipient.

To have a chance to be chosen as a winner, you must enter through the official email online once a day from November 22-24, after which the 350 lucky winners will be chosen. The model is not free either, so if you are one of the lucky winners, it simply means that you won the right to purchase this gorgeous model, which costs $160.

Named for a famous and beautiful ski resort in the French Alps, Avoriaz will be offered in two amazing finishes, Rose Gold Charm and Rose Gold Filigree. The run consists of 350 pieces (160 of each finish) and it is pot luck as to which one you will get if you are lucky enough to be chosen to be on the list of winners.

The first release of a Web Special on this model, Alvoriaz has “Collector Club 2019” stamped on her belly. She is truly unique in many ways and would make a wonderful addition to the serious collector’s herd.

I wish you all luck!