If you have ever had the chance to watch the sport of Equine Vaulting, you probably found yourself sitting on the edge of your seat, praying quietly to yourself, as you watched a rather large horse canter gently around in a circle while its riders performed crazy stunts aboard his back.

This is the intense sport of vaulting! It looks so picturesque and simple to the average spectator, but if you allow yourself to think deeper about it, you realize just how challenging this sport must be.

It combines many forms of athleticism from horse and human alike. First, it takes a horse with great strength and a calm temperament, not to mention a smooth, gentle canter. Next it takes the handler to control the gaits of the horse and keep him moving steadily (my daughter actually performs this role for her vaulting team). Lastly, it takes some people who are great at gymnastics, love horses and are a little daring to perform up on top of a moving balance beam!

When it all comes together, it looks easy and “wows” the audience. However, like any sport, the final product looks simple, but the journey was where all the hard work took place to make it look effortless.