This year’s Breyerfest theme is “Salute to Horse Heroes!” Attendees have a choice of purchasing 3 Day Tickets or Single Day tickets. When I went to my first Breyerfest in 2008, I didn’t realize some of the “unspoken” tricks of savvy model horse collectors, but I am going to share one of these with you now so you will be informed.

At my first event, I purchased a 3 Day Ticket which always comes with a model of the Celebration Horse for that year. I noticed, however, that people were buying single day tickets and receiving a free stablemate model. I just figured that I could not get one of those models because I already had my ticket. Wrong!!! I discovered that many seasoned collectors not only purchase 3 day tickets, but that they could purchase as many of the single day tickets they wanted and collect all four of the stablemate models! I was excited to learn this trick of the trade!

Now, every year, I buy 8 single day tickets and I receive 8 of the free models. Then, I sell a set of 4 on the auction site and earn enough money back to pay for all 8 tickets, so my models were free! I hope this tip helps you support your model horse addiction and saves you some money.

Let’s take a look at the single day ticket stablemate models for this year.

This year’s models are truly magnificent. Get your single day tickets now, stock up and sell them in our auction or classified section and become a savvy model horse collector. Shhhhhhhh…keep it quiet….!