Have you seen Lightning Ridge, the new Limited Edition Breyer release coming later this month? Well, I have to say that as soon as I clicked on the email showcasing this model, I immediately clicked on the purchase button. He is simply stunning and what really caught my eye was that he was such an odd color, one I have never seen done before on a model. I didn’t even need one second to think about getting my pre-order in!

This truly stunning LE model is expected to be released around September 23rd and can only be purchased with a pre-order from a Breyer retail store.

His color was inspired by the opal gemstone. These stones contain an infinite number of iridescent colors and patterns, but the most unique of them all is the Black Opal. It features a unique dark base color that highlights all of its colors, with red being the most valued. Breyer definitely hit the bulls eye with the coloring of this model.

Some of the most desired black opals come from the Lightning Ridge mine located in the New South Wales, Australia. This decorator model was specifically designed from the Black Lightning Ridge Opal, hence his name, Lightning Ridge.

So, how did Breyer manage to create this amazing color? His undercoat is turquoise with layers of maroon, red and gold metallic finished with a high gloss to set his coat aglow. Just like a real opal, his coloring is gorgeous from any angle.

Be sure to pre-order your Lightning Ridge LE model #1817 today from your favorite online retailer. There will be 3,000 made.

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