Well, collectors, it’s official! Breyer has designed a line that they are calling a “natural world” of horses, wildlife, farm animals, dinosaurs, dogs and cats. In my opinion it’s perfect for the young collector who is just starting to familiarize themselves with Breyer.

Dubbed Breyer by CollectA, there are over 100 individual animals to choose from, all done in life-like replicas with great details. The price is right, too, ranging from $2 to $8 each. Wait! What’s that sound I hear? Oh, it’s all you parents out there breathing a sigh of relief!

The miniature animals are made of vinyl, phthalate and lead free, making them awesome play toys for young collectors. They are durable and since they are small in size they are easy to take on long trips in the car or where ever you may go. With so many animals to choose from, they should be a real hit with Breyer lovers of all ages.

Just a special tip if you want to start your collection, during the month of May, you can receive 20% off if you use code “MAYSALE19” during check out on the official Breyer website.

Happy Collecting!