One thing you can always count on in life is change. It’s strange how it’s the only thing in life that remains constant. Wow! Take a minute to wrap your head around that statement. It truly is an oxymoron. Breyer has introduced the newest change to its Classic line of horses (1:12 scale), giving the packaging a fresh new look and name with the Freedom Series.

The decision to implement this idea came from the desire to create the feeling of freedom that horses inspire in all who know and love them. The Classic line is not changing, just its advertising and packaging is getting a “face-lift.”

Why was the name “Freedom Series” chosen to represent the newest Classic line? Breyer says that the name captures the very essence of what a horse represents and that is FREEDOM! No other animal inspires us like the horse does and the Freedom Series was designed to embrace the power and beauty of the horse.

The Freedom Series packaging will be used for all of the classic series and Minnie Whinnies’ models, including decorator models, unicorns and Horse of the Year series. The new boxes will help create uniformity for storefront displays in retail shops and a horseshoe icon on the front of the box will show the scale of the model.

A tip for Breyer classic enthusiasts: if you love the original classic boxes and packaging, now would be the perfect time to get them before they are replaced with the new Freedom Series packaging!

Happy Collecting!