Sometimes horse heroes are not famously known. Take the story of Fabish.

The year is 2009 and Victoria, Australia is suffering under an oppressive heat wave. On a small farm, a flea-bitten gray, retired racehorse, named Fabish, is in his field with seven frolicking yearlings. The older horse watches over the younger horses and teaches them the ways to be obedient within a herd.

Due to the long, dry heat spell, brush fires break out in Victoria where Fabish lives. The day becomes known as Black Saturday. In the paddock, the yearlings become frightened by the approaching flames. Desperately, the farm manager opens the gate and barks an order to Fabish, “Go now! Take care of the boys!”

Without hesitation, the old racehorse bolts through the open gate whinnying for the younger horses to follow him. The trainer watches as they disappear, hoping that Fabish will keep them safe and outrun the flames.

The fire destroyed the farm and everyone feared the eight horses perished in the deadly fire, but the next morning, Fabish returned with all seven yearlings following behind him in a single file. The old horse had led them to safety and then brought them home. It was truly a miracle! Fabish was a real hero.

His story is told in a children’s book titled, “Fabish: The Horse That Braved a Bush Fire.” Think of how many untold horse heroes must exist in this world, whose stories just haven’t been told. Maybe you even know one.