I am not quite sure how it happens, but within a very short time from when any of us start collecting, we seem to notice that our once empty spaces have been filled with many hooves and we now have a herd of horses!

Model horse collecting is definitely one of those things that sneaks up on you. At first, your intention is to display a few horses in your bedroom, maybe on your bureau or the top of a TV, but soon you will find yourself putting up shelves just for your collection. Once this room is filled to capacity, the danger of model horse collecting becomes very apparent.

Suddenly, as if out of no where, you find horses staring at you from all rooms in the house. They will find their way into your living room, family room, dining room, entrance way and maybe they will even be staring at you and your guests in the bathroom!

I know what you are thinking…they are very beautiful creatures, full of grace and power and strength. I also know that you are thinking you’d rather look at your horses than have other knick-knacks of no value that can’t bring the joy you feel when you look at your model horses. Plus, your collection needed a home, which you have now provided for them.

Personally, I truly enjoy my collection everyday. As I go from room to room throughout my normal day and catch a glimpse of each horse, I remember how I acquired that model. It’s a good feeling to be surrounded by your herd friends. I guess they just make me feel happy and they look happy to see me, too. It puts a little smile on my face no matter where I am in my home. They are a great conversation starter, as well. When ever someone walks into my home, the first words out of their mouths is usually, “Oh my, you have so many beautiful horses!”

The next time you notice a little pep in your step and a slight smile on your face as you pass through the rooms in your home, check to see if one of your horses is looking at you. Remember that you can never have too many and you will never have enough space. Enjoy your herd!