Have you ever wondered how much your horse weighs? Well, it’s just a simple math formula. What’s that you say? You aren’t good at math? Oh, no worries, we have you covered!

To measure the weight of our big four legged friend, just requires two measurements with a tape measure and the use of a simple formula.

The first measurement you will need is the heart girth, which you will measure in inches by placing the tape at the highest part of the withers and measuring the girth of the horse, keeping close behind the elbows.

The next measurement is the length of the horse, which is measured in inches from the point of the shoulder along the side of the horse to the point of the buttock where the crease is located.

Once you have those two measurements, we can bring in the formula. However, before we do that, let’s talk about some abbreviations that will be helpful. Heart Girth is represented by HG in the formula and Body Length is represented by BL. I am including three formulas based on the age of the horse you are weighing. Don’t worry because if you can multiply and divide, you will do just fine.

Adult Horse Formula is: HG x HG x BL divided by 330 = Body Weight

Yearling Horse Formula is: HG x HG x BL divided by 301 = Body Weight

Weanling Formula is: HG x HG x BL divided by 280 = Body Weight

Simple, right? So grab your tape measure and go weigh your horse. Don’t forget your cell phone for the calculator!