This is the blog I told you I had written the day before Breyerfest, but due to technical difficulties, I could not post it. Here it is! Better late than never.

After driving all night, sleeping a few hours in a rest stop then arriving in Lexington, KY, I thought I would be able to check into my hotel, get a shower and put on some fresh clothes, eat a leisurely dinner, go to the grocery store for some things then head to my volunteer meeting at 7pm…. But, this is Breyerfest! What was I thinking? Did I really believe that being a veteran volunteer and Breyerfest attendee would make it so much easier after 11 years? Wrong! I should have known that like all the years before this one, Breyerfest has always been like a tornado that instead of being over in minutes, lasts for four days.

Yes, I know it’s a three day festival, but the whirlwind starts actually several days before the event and goes for a day or two afterwards. How could I have thought any different? This is what makes it Breyerfest, and honestly, I love the fast paced, hustle and bustle of it all. No matter how organized you think you are, it’s just the way it is.

So, today I will share a few sneak peeks with our Celebration horse, Oliver, and the park as it comes together before the big opening day and the Artisans Gallery that features some very talented artists! Enjoy the pictures!